5 Tips For Septic Tank Waste Management
Septic tanks are usually two chambers with a dividing wall to allow solids and liquids to separate. All waste from the building is generally discharged by gravity into the first chamber, this allows solids to either sink or float and then any liquids will discharge through...
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Chemical Spill Response: What Should You Do?
In a chemical emergency and need a Chemical Spill Response and waste clearance solution? Call BKP Group Emergency Hotline facility on 0800 376 5004. Our team of specialists work fast to deliver a professional and proportional response; responding as soon as you need us in...
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Interceptor Cleaning – What It Is, Why It’s Needed and How You Can Arrange It
Able to separate water from any contaminants (such as oil, silt and dirt), a fully functioning interceptor is vital for any site hoping to keep their drainage system in perfect working order. As the nature of ongoing work sees a build-up of waste, to avoid blockages and...
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Bulk Tankering Services For Christmas & New Year
Although Christmas can equally be a stressful/exciting time for businesses everywhere, there’s one thing that remains a constant in this otherwise diverse period – a build-up of waste. With a number of bank holidays and flexible hours between the Christmas and...
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Need skip hire in Southampton? Here are some things to think about first...
Whether it’s in the home or business, waste can build up extremely quickly. Not only does it provide an environmental hazard, but keeping waste on your property for too long will leave it liable to create physical hazards too. The best way to start the clearance of a...
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Why You Should Consider Professional Asbestos Disposal For Floor and Roof Tiles
As a leading waste management and environmental company here at BKP, we field many enquiries regarding asbestos disposal – the most common being the removal of asbestos flooring and corrugated roof tiles. Many older properties will contain these types of tiles; in...
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What Comprises A CCTV Drainage Survey?
To ensure that your drainage system is working as it should, it’s helpful to be aware of the ongoing health of your pipework. The best way to achieve this is through a CCTV drainage survey – quick, precise and causing minimum disruption, using cameras to survey...
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Guidance On Site Clearances
Before any construction can commence, it is essential that a thorough and reliable site clearance service is carried out, to ensure that the working environment is safe and secure for construction to take place. BKP Group can provide a diverse selection of waste management...
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How To Dispose Of Paint Responsibly
Paint is a very commonly used item, we use it to decorate walls, add colour to various different objects, and many people use it for creative and leisure activities. However, when it comes to paint disposal, it can be quite tricky to understand how to responsibly dispose of...
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The Steps To Take When Dealing With Hazardous Waste
If you run a business that is in the construction, manufacturing or utility industry, it’s highly likely that you would be dealing with hazardous waste on a regular basis already and are fully-aware of how to deal with it. However, if your business has only just...
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Why Jetting Drains Is The Best Method To Clear Pipe Blockages
If you’re looking for a quick and cost-effective service that looks after the long-term health of your drainage system, high-pressure water jetting is the ideal solution. Taking advantage of its ability to concentrate water at specific areas, jetting drains is much...
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Waste Oil Collection: How To Dispose of Oil Waste
Whether in the home or the business, ensuring that you’re able to effectively store, handle or dispose of waste oils is important – vital if they are classed as hazardous or ‘special’ waste. As waste oil contains many contaminants, ensuring their...
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GRG acquire majority share of BKP Waste & Recycling Ltd
BKP Waste & Recycling Ltd are pleased to announce that Guernsey Recycling Group Ltd (GRG) have purchased a majority shareholding of the company, alongside the freehold to the four-acre waste transfer station located in Romsey, Hampshire. GRG is a 'waste to...
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